Our Mission

The mission of Points of Tranquility Acupuncture is to provide a healing, therapeutic and tranquil experience.

I help you move forward physically, emotionally and spiritually with your health.

My practice is dedicated to offering treatment of individual health issues so you can achieve your optimum wellness.

You will find that I provide a quality, professional acupuncture experience in a tranquil and compassionate atmosphere.

Acupuncture is effective and also compliments other treatments or therapy for pain from motor vehicle accidents or traumatic injury and recovery from surgery.

Chronic neck pain or whiplash injuries, shoulder pain, pain in arms, legs and feet, back pain or sciatica, head pain and sinus pain successfully respond to acupuncture treatments.

I have had significant results with:

• Pain Therapy
• Migraines
• Menopause Support
• Digestive Problems
• Fertility Issues
• Chronic Pain
• Immune System Support
…and many other difficult health issues!

Feel free to call with any questions you may have or to make an appointment. I look forward to participating in your well being and good health!